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International Data Management Conference (IDMCAfrica)

Background Information

We are excited to announce our upcoming conference, the International Data Management Conference (#IDMCAfrica).This event was borne out of a gap we noticed in the course of our operations, being that a lot of organizations hold huge amounts of data that they don’t put to use. This conference will enlighten them on the various ways they can monetize their data and take charge of it to streamline operations and advise company decisions.

#IDMCAfrica has 3 main objectives:

  1. To identify and discuss the opportunities and challenges shaping African organizations’ Data Management frameworks.

  2. Highlight innovative data management practices, as well as sensitize delegates on dangerous practices.

  3. Forge international partnerships to drive the development of common resources for the prosperity of African organizations and communities.

Visit the conference website to learn more about IDMCAfrica and register:

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