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Grande Afrique is proud to announce its Data Analytics Academy.

GAC’s Analytics Academy empowers you with data analytics skills to audit highly complex Business Systems, ERPs, Databases, and General ICT Infrastructure. Trainees are able to audit 100% of their organization’s data independently and more accurately using the tools that we provide them.

Training Objectives

Our trainers will teach you how to use data analytics to achieve the following objectives:

  • Creation and management of Data Analytics solution projects within audit assignments;
  • Mining data directly from databases and other data formats for audit analytics;
  • Applying all common commands in Data Analytics on various real-life data;
  • Applying all common  Data Analytics functions;
  • Audit accurately 100% of corporate data and obtain 100% of audit exceptions.
  • Mining and auditing data from business systems at any time without IT intervention.
  • Detection and prompt response to fraud and irregularities indicators on a timely basis.
  • Continuous assessment of control effectiveness and develop gap analysis.
  • Reduction of the cost of auditing and monitoring of Business Operations.
  • Implementing meaningful dashboards, and user-determined dynamic reports.
  • Creating simple data analytics scripts for audit automation.

What do you need in order to learn?

Attendees only need to have a basic understanding of Windows in preparation for the course. For hardware, please bring your own Windows-based laptop that can connect to Wi-Fi. We will provide the necessary software during training.

This is a group-live, instructor-led course in a classroom setting, with a class size that supports individual attention and development. Attendees will also receive certificates that entitle them to CPD hours.

Training Cost, Venue and Dates

The cost for training differs with the type and nature of course selected. Our online self-paced courses are relatively affordably priced, from only KES 1,500. These courses are guided by online tutors and made accessible through the GAC Academy page on our website.

On the other hand, in-person training which takes place at Grande Afrique’s Consulting offices at Garden Estate Nairobi costs from KES. 40,000 per participant inclusive of all taxes.

This fee covers facilitation and training costs, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, and snacks. Participants, however, will meet their own travel and accommodation costs.

For in-person training, please book at least two days in advance in order to allow us to plan adequately.

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