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ACL Analytics Demo Session

How do you do continuous audit and monitoring in an increasingly automated business environment?

We know how...

The reality of most businesses today is that they are heavily automated through the installation of Business Systems, ERPs, Databases, and general ICT infrastructure that ranges in complexity. This makes it practically impossible to audit or monitor critical aspects of any business manually. Auditors and Business Managers now face some technical challenges including:

  • Big databases built from Electronic Processing of millions of transactions daily making it imposs

ible to audit manually or even with spreadsheets
  • Fraudulent transactions being completed faster and repeatedly without detection;
  • Cybercrimes including hacking leading to loss of assets, loss of data, damaged reputation, loss of and job losses especially where the customer, employee or even suppliers or trading data is stolen and abused;
  • Non-adherence to Compliance and Regulatory requirements due to slow processing of the necessary data.
  • Delayed Risk Response measures due to delayed detection of controls violation or entry of new risks that are driven by technology.
  • Very expensive and slow traditional style manual audit approaches that may not be in touch with the heavily automated business processes in an organization;
  • Challenges of Auditing multiple and disparate business systems
  • Inaccurate Financial and Management reports since neither the auditor nor management can give assurance on the numbers with manual testing.
  • All of these challenges can be addressed by the use of a simple yet powerful tool: ACL Analytics.

    Grande Afrique Consulting welcomes you to a free live demonstration session on how to use ACL for continuous auditing and monitoring. This is an interactive session where you will learn from Grande Afrique's data scientists in a relaxed environment so you can understand how a firm grasp of data management and robotic process automation can drastically change your organization.

    Training objectives and content

    The trainers will use Data Analytics to achieve the following objectives:

    • Creating and managing ACL Data Analytics projects within audit assignments;
    • Mining data directly from databases and other data formats for audit analytics;
    • Apply all common commands in Data Analytics software on various real-life data;
    • Apply all common ACL Data Analytics functions;
    • Audit accurately 100% of corporate data and obtain 100% of audit exceptions.
    • Mine and audit data from business systems at any time without IT intervention.
    • Detect and respond to fraud and irregularities indicators on a timely basis.
    • Continuously assess control effectiveness and develop gap analysis.
    • Reduce the cost of audit and monitoring of business operations.
    • Implement meaningful dashboards and user-determined dynamic reports.
    • Create simple Data Analytics scripts for audit automation.

    What do you need in order to learn?

    Attendees only need to have a basic understanding of Windows in preparation for the course. For hardware, please bring your own Wi-Fi enabled windows-based laptop. We will provide all the other learning resources.

    Training Cost, Venue and Dates

    The demo takes place at Grande Afrique Consulting's offices in Garden Estate, Nairobi on Friday 22nd November 2019 starting from 9 am to 1 pm. The demo session is completely free of charge.

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