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IT Audit Conferences at GAC

Most of the modern day organizations in the private and public sector have automated their operations significantly through the installation of Simple to Highly Complex Business Systems, ERPs, Databases, and General ICT Infrastructure. This automation has also transformed the way auditors function. Auditors can no longer claim to give assurance on the achievement of business objectives if they cannot give such assurance in Business Systems and Infrastructure.

In response, Auditors and Business Managers have changed the way they perform their functions to respond to serious challenges which

g>must be addressed. These challenges include: -

  1. Big and Complex  Databases built from Electronic Processing of millions of transactions daily making it impossible to audit manually or even with spreadsheets;
  2. Fraudulent and Irregular transactions being completed faster and repeatedly without detection taking advantage of technology;
  3. Cybercrimes including hacking leading to loss of assets, loss of data, damaged reputation, loss of business and job losses especially where the customer, employee or even suppliers or trading data is stolen and abused;
  4. Non-adherence to Compliance and Regulatory requirements due to slow processing of the necessary data.
  5. Delayed Risk Response measures due to delayed detection of controls violation or entry of new risks that are driven by technology.
  6. Very expensive and slow traditional style manual audit approaches that may not be in touch with the heavily automated business processes in an organization;
  7. Challenges of Auditing multiple and disparate business systems
  8. Inaccurate Financial and Management reports since neither the auditor nor management can give assurance on the numbers with manual testing.
  9. Multiple Systems running in multiple locations in different environments have made it more difficult to audit.

This calls for a good understanding of the IT Business Systems and Infrastructure. Attending GAC ICT Audit Conferences helps attendees to significantly achieve this.

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