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Internal Audit Automation Conference

Introduction to the Conference
Today’s Internal Auditor is expected to give assurance that business objectives have been achieved in an increasingly complex, heavily technology-driven business environment. Heavy automation of business processes has increased business transaction processing speed, in turn, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness. Internal auditors must align their responses to technological advances by carefully factoring the effects of increased automation to Governance, Risk and Compliance activities, and the general control environment and take advantage of this disruption to auto

mate the internal audit function.

Our agenda for the conference was:
1. Automating Risk Management Activities;
2. Automating Audit Working Papers in Risk-Based Audits;
3. Automating Data Analytics and Business Intelligence for the entire organization;
4. Implementing Data-Driven Audit Management Activities;
5. Automating Fraud Management Activities in your organization;
6. Implementing Enterprise Continuous Auditing and Monitoring;
7. Partnering with Grande Afrique Consulting in achieving this agenda;
8. Questions and Answers

We wish to extend a great hand of gratitude to all our attendees and the people who made this event a success. We hope you got value for the time you spent with us. See you at our next event:


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