2023 Specialized Training – Advanced Project Management, Audit & Risk

2023 Specialized Training – Advanced Project Management, Audit & Risk

Welcome to our Advanced Project Management and Comprehensive Risk management conference for the year 2023. This conference is open to local and international participants.In order to make it easy for you to attend, we have provided below important information about the ourselves and this training. Please review the information and book your slots for the conference ahead of time to
avoid missing out.

About the Grande Afrique Consulting (GAC)

Over the last 13 years (Since 2012), GAC has established a very successful Management Consulting Services Practice with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. GAC has empowered professionals all over Africa with skills and tools to automate their Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, Compliance, Business Intelligence, and Fraud Management functions leveraging the power of Modern Technology and Data Analytics.

We owe this success to our large pool of well trained and experienced consultants and a vibrant market that is increasingly embracing information technology and its benefits and continuously demanding more meaningful insights from their simple to extremely large and complex businesses, infrastructure and regulation.

Our Market Experience in Capacity Building, Consulting and Advisory experience

We have served several players in the following market segments:-
1) Private institutions across different industries in Africa;
2) Public/Government institutions i.e., Parastatals, Agencies, Authorities and Government Ministries in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, South Sudan and South Africa;
3) Non-Governmental organizations including AMREF, Red Cross, Catholic Relieve Services among others.
4) Donor Funded Projects from Global institutions e.g., The World bank, the European
Union, Irish Government, Danish Government and other donors.
5) Individuals

Our clients fall in difference categories of the market including:-

We serve clients spread in the following industries:-
1) Financial Institutions – Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Microfinance Institutions,
SACCOs and Insurance,
2) Manufacturing companies in food and chemicals
3) Agricultural Institutions – Agribusiness and Consultancy
4) Media Industry,
5) Aviation – Airlines and Civil Aviation,
6) Energy, Oil and Gas – Electricity Generating Companies, Oil and drilling companies
7) Education – Universities and Colleges
8) Logistics – Ports Authorities and Transport,
9) Hospitality – Hotels,
10) Engineering
11) Healthcare

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Objectives of the 10-Day Course

This is a practical Course loaded with Case Studies and Real-Life examples. The participants will cover the following:-

1) Managing COMPLEX INTERNAL AUDIT PROJECTS – Global best practices and case
2) Managing FORENSIC/FINANCIAL INVESTIGATION – Global best practices and case.
3) Managing COMPLEX ICT AUDIT PROJECTS – Global best practices and case.
4) Managing COMPLEX OPERATIONAL PROJECT AUDITS – Global best practices and case
entire organization;
6) Implenting ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) for the entire organization – A step by
Step Guide;
7) Implenting Risk based Audits in line with the IPPF (International Professional Practices
8) Advanced skills in WRITING SPECIALIZED REPORTS in the following practice fields:
– Complex Internal Audit reports
–  Complex Forensic/Financial Investigation reports
– Complex ICT reports
– Corporate Risk Management and Risk Registers
– Enterprise Risk Management reports
9) Case Study and analysis of FAILED PROJECTS, why they failed, detecting and Preventing Project Failure.
10) Case Study of Major Global Frauds, why they happened and how we can PREVENT FRAUDS in our organizations.
This is a course you don’t want to miss! Register and see you in Nairobi, Kenya.
Please do not hesitate to contact the undersiged for any clarifications or information.

This is a course you don’t want to miss! Register and see you in Nairobi, Kenya.
Please do not hesitate to contact the undersiged for any clarifications or information.


For reservations and clarifications contact:-

Godffrey – Email: [email protected];
Training Team
– Email: [email protected] | Telephone: +254 793 755758

* Accommodation available on request


Nov 22 2023 - Dec 02 2023


11:30 pm - 7:00 am


$4,500 USD

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