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Analytics solutions have connectors that enable them to connect to any server, so yes – you can easily connect to your server without any hassle.

Analytics solution is a read only software and can only mine data as stored in the database without changes.

Yes. Analytic solutions is a business Intelligence tool. It is able to mine data, analyse and give meaningful results that can be used for decision making, and other key management functions.

Analytics solution is a stand-alone software.

Analytics solution has logs where it records all the activities going on in the application.

Analytics solution runs in different virtual environments, including; vSphere, VMware etc.

Analytics solution and GRC are not seamlessly integrated. Auditrunner GRC supports data-driven decision making. While, Analytics part is a stand-alone application

Analytic solutions can be used by Auditors, Finance Professionals and data analysts.

The desktop version is used for manual ad-hoc data analytics while Analytics server is the Client-Server solution. It can be used for automating analytic runs and continuous monitoring.

Our solutions have their own self signed certificate that enable strict way communication to every database that connection is created.