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ACL Analytics

ACL Analytics is a PC client-based data extraction and analysis software tool used for various data analytics, fraud detection & prevention, and risk management. It's the industry standard for interactive data analysis and data insight. It also connects you to any data source, and lets you run sophisticated risk analytics and detect abnormalities or patterns that you simply can't illuminate with any amount of random sampling, spreadsheets or generic business intelligence.

It is an ideal tool for individual users who want a solution that enables quick ad-hoc detection of control failures from the convenience of their desktop. No other tool can access data as economically as ACL Analytics.

Features and benefits of ACL Analytics:

  • Investigates and understands data in context: Data visualization capabilities make it significantly easier for users to visually communicate their findings in a much more compelling and comprehensible manner, yielding significant benefits for those doing the analysis and those receiving it
  • Share results: Allows for the sharing of results via the cloud which not only greatly enhances their accessibility but also opens more opportunities for collaboration as well as much deserved recognition for data analysis authors
  • Takes action to remediate issues: Help enforce compliance across the organization by easily creating processes that automatically trigger a request for action by the offender when a violation has occurred
  • Interprets data: Simplify the interpretation of data analysis results means that violations are highlighted rather than being buried in data reducing the time and effort required by management to understand what needs to be done to rectify or improve the issue
  • Is user-friendly
  • Eliminates manual reporting
  • Enables faster decision making
  • Analyses 100% of data populations
  • Let's run sophisticated risk analytics and detect anomalies or patterns that you simply can't identify with random sampling, spreadsheet manipulation, or generic business intelligence.
  • Interactive capability: getting immediate results while following your methodology and investigating exceptions at any time
  • Powerful analytic: Uses powerful commands designed specifically for data analysis (including Age, Stratify, Sample, and Duplicates).
  • Automates your analysis through continuous monitoring and real-time notification.
  • High capacity & speed: Takes advantage of the unlimited file size capability and unprecedented speed of ACL to rapidly analyze millions of transactions, ensuring 100 percent coverage and the utmost confidence in your results.
  • Intuitive user-interface with pull-down menus, toolbars, and point & click commands.
  • Timesaving features and functions including the ability to complete history of your files and results at any time, providing proof and a complete record of your steps.

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