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ACL Server Based Analytics

ACL Data- Driven Audit Management Solution is a seamlessly integrated platform of ACL server-based analytics for continuous auditing and continuous monitoring. This platform supports a risk based auditing approach informed by your risk and controls metrics which helps your team to focus on high risk areas. The solution provides a seamless integration capability to bring in data analytics exceptions back into ACL GRC for issue tracking, visualization and remediation.

Oversight and assurance require appropriate technology to timeously detect any anomalies that could lead to loss of revenues. The technology offered by Grande Afrique Consulting is currently deployed and used by over 500 organizations across Africa.

Data-Driven Audit Management Solution will help you achieve your objectives to fully automate internal audit processes that provide an end to end functionality from server-based data analytics. This assists internal Audit teams improve on efficiency, auditing through the computer and deliver more value back to the organization. 

Grande Afrique is always confident that ACL Data Driven GRC will fully meet and expand your internal auditing capabilities. This platform will assist your teams to focus resources on key areas of exposure, manage their risk universe in its entirety, streamline and centralize data analysis thereby delivering more value through sustainable analytics.

ACL Data-Driven GRC complete platform provides the following benefits:

  • The platform will assist with completeness and reduce hypothesis through increased coverage of your audit scope.
  • The solution will centralize your activities in a modern workflow so that you teams can achieve more with an automated tool.
  • Centralized single platform for collaboration, repeatability and standardization of policies and controls
  • The platform will provide a seamless integrated platform for enterprise continuous monitoring and risk-based auditing with a platform to perform all your compliance projects and highlight red flags where compliance to government controls are concerned.
  • In addition, the solution will result in standardization of best practices through team-based work from the centralized repository.
  • Through deployment of ACL platform, your Internal Audit team, will be able to address IT related audits, analyze 100% of your data rendering sampling obsolete and improve the overall team’s efficiency in delivering your official mandate.
  • This solution will enable the Internal Audit team to deliver more value back to your organization and enhance your credibility with the board, regulators and management.
  • CL AX- Server Solution is a force multiplier resulting in more audit coverage across multiple platforms without staff increase
  • Strategic risk overview to manage risk and visualization of organizational heat map.
  • Improved performance through continuous monitoring of key risk indicators with metrics informed by your data • Direct and secure connection to ODBC data sources for continuous testing and controls monitoring, triggering exceptions and handing them back to the business for remediation
  • A holistic oversight with triggered workflow remediation for flagged records and exceptions for real-time decision making and reporting
  • Data-driven reporting on governance, risk and compliance projects
  • Ensures real-time coverage and assurance across the whole business
  • Improved revenue assurance, reconciliation, audit and investigation activities

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