Why choose AuditBond?

Increase team capacity with standardized templates and workflows, reusable risk and control matrices, project roll-forwards, and one-click reports.

Increase audit integrity with a built-in audit trail of all operations and evidence referencing.

Improve collaboration within your team and across your organization with smoother workflows and speedier responses.

Integrate analytics for 100% assurance over key controls and compliance requirements.

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Audit planning & workflow
  • Create risk-based audit plans for your entire audit universe to provide assurance that your organization’s risks are managed effectively.
  • Schedule and manage audit projects for efficient project management.
  • Maintain a library of past audits, workflow templates, and risk and control matrices to reduce re-work across your audit activities.
  • Conduct fieldwork offline on-site, with mobile apps and offline modes.
  • Send requests directly to process owners with built-in emails and reminders.
  • Provide coaching notes and in-line to-dos to make reviews faster, and sign-offs to ensure work is completed.
Issue management & reporting
  • Get real-time visibility across all your audits, and drill down into status, findings, and remediation plans in individualized dashboards.
  • Create one-click reports to keep stakeholders informed.
  • Consolidate all issues found across your audits to track remediation efforts by owner with scheduled follow-ups, reminders, and notifications.
  • Aggregate assurance over risks into your enterprise risk management framework.
Integrated analytics & robotics
  • Connect directly to any data source with built-in data connectors including SAP, Oracle, and Concur to analyze 100% of your data.
  • Automate monitoring of operational control processes like P2P, SoD, payroll, general ledger analysis, AP analysis, fixed asset management, access control, SOX, and AML.
  • Track and automate real-time KPIs/KRIs into dashboards for performance and risk monitoring.
  • Apply machine learning and prescriptive analytics with R and Python integration, plus built-in machine learning algorithms find answers to questions you never thought to ask.
  • Maintain a complete analytics audit trail, to ensure your work is fully defensible to regulators, external auditors, and investigations.