Why choose people Hum?

Quickly and securely organize employee information, manage leave, attendance and shifts on one easy-to-use system.

Tracks the daily goals of your employees, measure what matters, set objectives and derive key results. For happy, aligned, productive teams

Enables smooth, continuous feedback with ready-to-use or customized Self, Leadership & 360-degree feedback templates

Schedules, Conducts, Record & Follows-through on ad-hoc or pre-set discussion points post employee performance appraisal cycles, using our one-on-one meeting software

Defines competencies at an individual or group level, measures them as part of a review cycle, and empowers employees to perform to their potential.

Performance Management Systems
  • A performance management system helps organizations track the performance of their employees at an organizational, departmental, and individual level.
  • It includes functions like peer feedback, 360 degree feedback, one-on-one meetings, OKRs, goal-setting and tracking.
  • A good performance management system should also provide actionable insights to help managers identify high and low performers and visualize employee performance across the organization
Employee engagement software
  •  With an HRIS driven by automation, biometrics & self-check-ins, make attendance tracking work for you without it being a chore
  • Applys, approves & manages leave requests right from your mobile. Get a one-view of who’s in or out for the day, week or month.
  • A complete set of employee engagement tools to connect, collaborate, measure and optimize engagement for a superior employee experience.
HR Analytics Software
  • Uncovers hidden workforce trends and make data-driven decisions with powerful, AI-driven HR analytics & insights – not guesswork.
  • Effortlessly manage employee information, leaves, time & attendance, and shifts with employee self-service tools – all in one place on our cloud-based HRIS.